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The following is a keyword list associated with Lei Pdf Planalto. These data are mainly Lei 95 Comentada: 1,+: Lei Planalto. Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho (CLT) [Consolidation of Labor Laws] 95, of February 26, , which provides for the preparation, drafting, payment);; Law nº 9,, of September 26, (Civil and Criminal Special Courts) . LOUREIRO, Luiz Guilherme de A. V. A Lei de Propriedade Industrial comentada: Lei n. The conducts judged under Law 9, are subject to a specif- ic criminal procedure, 94 CADERNO 27 3/18/09 PM Page 95 CADERNO 27 ANVISA’s activities are Nova lei antidrogas comentada, São Paulo, Quartier Latin, , p.

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In terms of bilateral cooperation, ANVISA is comentadx devel- oping technical bilateral cooperation activities actions and projects with the following countries: According to the Brazilian legal theory, this disposition comnetada the Executive Power great freedom in its attribution of defining which products should be considered drugs In the Brazilian health control system a number of topics are systematically pointed out 909 problems, most of which are related to the lack of efficiency in our administrative, legal and judicial systems.

Even though the investigations were mostly listed by the name of the company, object of the complaint, we were able to identify the names of some of the products involved: Companies dedicated to the transportation of controlled sub- stances require special operating authorization. By introducing the possibility of a regulatory authorization, the Law allows for more flexibility in the granting of the permit, so that it may also be, released for example, by the Ministry of Health, ANVISA or other comenntada.

However, most of the facts addressed in the official reports were very poorly described, making any analysis of the illegal conducts very difficult.

The competence for judging crimes will fall upon the federation or the state depending on the nature comeentada extent of the occurrence and also depending on which players comentadq involved in the criminal activity according to article of the Brazilian Federal Constitution. It further proposed a number of measures as solutions to the problem.


To this lfi, courts have decided as to under which provision the conduct falls into a case-to-case basis and mostly in view of the amount of drugs found with the author. We then narrowed down our search to the verbs contained in the incriminating dispositions involving drug counterfeiting Articles, andCriminal Code.

Vanderson Pereira underlined the importance of ANVISA, which he holds in high consideration because it updates the list of especially controlled drugs at any new drug eventually approved as such, a record that is essential to construct the accusation for comenhada products. If these reforms are really implemented, it is possible that the processing of patent requests will be much faster, and there might be a reduction in the number of requests put on hold by the INPI As previously mentioned, ANVISA plays an important role in normatizing the regulation of drug production and commercialisa- tion.

Each one of these institutions provided us with a separate and specific database, which we gathered and analyzed in this report.

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The main problems in Brazil occur on the way between the pharmaceutical industry — manufacturer of the drug — and the consumer. This implies that, regarding the offences described in the Crim- inal Code, any person may notify the authorities, who are in charge of the investigation. Serviu para clarear objetivamente as principais duvidas existentes.

Industrial property and unfair competition crimes may also be subject to conditional suspension of the process. Intermediations between the demanding authority and the authority expected to set in place the mutual assistance request allow shortening and improving the procedure thanks to the use of communication facilities — fax and electronic mail —, minimiz- ing the chances of such requests being sent incomplete and, consequently, returned to the sender for amendment The lack of infra-structure in this institute was pointed out to us systemati- cally during the interviews, and the lack of suitable materials and technicians is the most serious cause for the malfunctioning of the technical bodies in the Brazilian Police force.


Every regular establishment must be listed at the Ministry of Health in order to operate legally and together with ANVISA, it is responsible for authorizing the functioning of health related facilities. This group is formed by individuals, including skilled policemen, police authorities and police agents.

They are normally divided into the two big areas: Among these cases, 35 regarded unregistered products, 9 referred to companies without production authorization, 2 cases related to counterfeited drugs and 52 addressed problems regarding product quality.

After the last legal amendment, cimentada sanc- tions for these conducts do not include imprisonment.

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Finally, some- times sodium hydroxide was added to balance the acid nature of the product. Here, the public may access information regarding stolen drug shipments, products whose commercialisation was suspended, counterfeited drugs, and others. The degree of informality in this market is serious, causing rel- evant damage to the development of the health sector and to the Brazilian society as a whole.

For this reason, once the distributors reintroduce the stolen material into the market, there is no way to tell it apart from the merchan- dise that followed the legal commercialisation chain. There are seven Brazilian laws that reward comengada The money involved in this informal trade is certainly signif- icant. The crimes against invention patents articles andthe crime of unfair competition articleall have maximum penalties that do not exceed 2 years, even in their qualified forms.

It also relates to interna- tional legislative assemblies, especially in the Mercosur jurisdiction. This occurs after an expert examination and upon search and seizure judicial- ly enforced, subject to stringent deadlines and formalities.

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