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INTERNSHIP REPORT BANKING IN PAKISTAN Monetary policy and banking system play an important role in the development of all economic. is always presents quality of internship report on Askari bank limited accordance to all universities in Pakistan. Askari Bank Ltd (Islamic Banking Branch) Submittd by:Ailiya Rizvi BBA(Hons) Session: Department Of Management S.

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This factor shows that margin of profitability increases and profit of the bank is increasing which is a good sign for bank.

ACBL also offers the facility of lockers of three type to it customer to offer security. If bid is accepted then contractor asks the bank for ADP.

The grand totals of all schedules, amount and number of instruments, must agree with the totals as per Outward Clearing Sheet. It receives the deposits at low rate and gives the loan at higher rate. In Pakistan following types of banks are operating in the business circle like economics.

Lending, no doubt is the core function of a banking concern. This bank does not deal with public directly.

internship report on askari-bank

In case of interbank transactions, the money is transferred with the help of cheques which are internshiip out by the various sorting houses State Bank has opened in different cities of Pakistan to facilitate and quicken this process.

The amount is transfer from the account where the cheque is deposited and credited to the account where it is transfer.

B He must be of sane mind A person is said to be of sane or sound mind it he understands the terms and the conditions of the contract and is capable enough to form rational judgement as the effects of the contract upon his interest. The commissions and charges by the bank for some of the facilities are alarmingly high this is a very serious situation for the bank as those customers can be snatched by the other banks then.


Also the markup is charged for the actual days the finance is utilized. Online banking reporg been started and the introduction of ATM at strategic locations have been firmed up. Check the record to ensure that payment has not been effected. It offers investment options from 1 to 3 years and is particularly aimed at customers who want monthly profit from their savings. Fill two spare account opening form for practice Filled three account opening form of customers with the help of Operational Manager Ms.

Each and every column of the account opening form should be neatly and correctly filled in with necessary details. ED Thesis Format new B. A clearinghouse is an organization where these cheques are brought and the mutual claims of each bank on the other are offset ad settlement is made by the payment of difference. This ratio is decreased in and and highest in Bank-wise schedules is prepared in interrnship and totaled individually.

Askari treats its employees equally and employee also carries out their responsibilities in a professional way.

Internship Report on Askari Bank

There are four methods of payment, that is used in a export trade services. But in the field of marketing and promotion of business their work is not sufficient and they ignored this vital thing and in reaction they face the difficulties to promote their business.

New initiatives like hospitalization plan, home loan insurance have added new dimensions to the staff-care policy and motivated them to out-perform competitors. In a CLP there are different types of documents: In Bannk Bank the promotions are given on the basis of superior performances.

Failure to exercise this care may result in serious consequences not intership for the banker concerned but also for the other bankers and general public. All these documents are arranged in a file. The complete in action program will provide for phase three follow up some week later. Bills are of 2 types Clean and documentary clean bills include finance instruments and documentary includes documents attached with goods. Closing of customers account warrants internhsip proper Notice determining the contractual relationship.


When the company requires the workers urgently, they employ the casual worker to fill the vacancies. Employee with higher rank gets higher salaries and incentives. The staff member generally should not introduce the account.

Method used in Askari Bank for performance appraisal: Term Finance It is a loan account opened in the name of the borrower. The Bank selects the target market and then design the strategy according to them.

In this mode of payment, payment intfrnship received within days. On the basis of which the other branch will pay the money after tallying serial no.

I am highly indebted to my course instructors who provided not only an opportunity to learn about practical work and its implementation but also guide me through email for om completion.

The opening bank on the behalf of the inteernship writes letter of credit in the favor of beneficiary. Corporate banking facilities are offered through three focused branches in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore and are primarily present to cater to the needs of large corporate customers.

Representatives of all banks will receive the cheques related to their branch either issued by its branch or other banks.

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