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In Noddist mythology, Gehenna is the Kindred Eschaton. It is the time when the Antediluvians will rise from their slumbers and devour their descendants. So I’m not familiar with the World of Darkness lore. I hear this Gehenna things have went down and pretty much gave a reboot / fresh start for. For Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines on the PC, a GameFAQs http://en. %28World_of_Darkness%

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I have no problem with a couple story nods to the other games, but I hope V4 continues with the tradition of the individual games not being intended to be played together.

The Sabbat as a sect is basically over. IMO, accuracy in modern media often comes down to what the source is. The Withering could be used as a way to allow players to create characters with an effective Generation behenna than their actual generation and which can be lowered as play progresses without resorting to diablerie.

It would be well received by world-wide players!

Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

Or maybe Cappadocious wanted to experience death, and so let himself be killed, but he never intended to stay dead? If the Tal-Meh-Ra is still kicking around, how have gehsnna changed? Kind of your typical post-apocalyptic setting, only the vampires are the only ones who suffered the apocalypse. Without any to oppose him, the Lasombra clan has to question their allegiance to the Sabbat.

Maybe the lordly Ventrue are enslaved to another clan? Maybe everything did really go to shit, and whilst the Kindred, Garou and Awakened fought their own corners they somehow prevented the end of the world without most of society noticing, but at terrible cost to their own numbers, and with certain battlefields on the map a testament to those conflicts where the Masquerade etc.

Even if you never used it in play, it was there as a part of the theme and setting, essential to the feel of the game. There is already VtR that focusses more on what you are asking. Nobody knows why the power went out. Except the characters, who, thanks to the ritual, were shielded.


Some gehenja that diablerie was a temporary gehenha for the disease, geehnna The Returned: Sure they could become more political, more fanatical ,but keep them as the monsters they are. Then they sired some 4th generation childer so there would be a new harvest in another twenty-three centuries, and went back into torpor.

In the end, Gehena was not the definitive end of the world in a wide sense, but the end of cycle and so the start of a new one. Ok, perhaps one or two clans could be extinct. Oh, I’m sure there will be some folks on the fringe who gehemna that the REAL gehenna is just around the corner and so on, but most Sabbat older than 30 years realize that the sect’s basic underpinning is either proven incorrect most likely or, “hey, well what do you know, we won after all!

Gehenna was a big part of the identity for masq, at least for me.

Gehenna (World of Darkness)

Well, I assume the Generation lowered a tad for everyone, give players a little more power. I vamipre the things low gen Kindred can are bullshit and the Disciplines or Generation system would benefit a bit of an vampiree, but I feel switching to a system like Blood Potency would invalidate a lot of that core aesthetic. Last edited by Bloodartist ; Aug 4, 4: Old battle lines should be irrevocably rendered meaningless.

VtM has a very Cold War kind of feel to it. An example, the events of Chicago by Night. Post a new comment Error Comments allowed for members only Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal.

What I demonstrate above is an end to the largely pointless it had been going on for years with nothing particularly exciting happening Sect War vamoire a move towards more of a looser, city-based system.

Those closest to Caine find the gifts of the blood failing them, with diablerie being the only thing that can stave off the sickness. Gehenna occurs but the antedeluvians don’t rule the world or even all vampires in fire and blood because they never showed up, or maybe they show up briefly, it’s not as bad as everyone says, and then they exit the stage again.


That was left with Helena awake and becoming more proactive in her search for Menele, who was still in torpor. Will it focus on a single locale? This article has multiple issues. The idea of the world hurdling faster and faster to a looming apocalypse with some throwing themselves into the abyss and some dancing while the house burned around them. Typhon Set doesn’t actually manage to rise.

They are just the new 13ths! But people were scared.

What was Gehenna actually? :: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines General Discussions

Those that were cleaving too closely to the ghenna of Caine and reveling in their vampiric nature and casuing harm were left as night-dwelling hungry and damned creatures. On one hand, I like the idea of them stirring, wrecking Cainite society, and then falling back into slumber. Tie it to the red star?

Now they presumably are or were awake.

Someone said in a previous comment that having the Antediluvians out in the open and ruling their children could make for an interesting setting.

Rather that the kindred of the dark ages were correct. Also, some scenarios posited that there were more antediluvians than were vampir supposed,but not all of them founded surviving clans. A perfect Gehenna to me would be one in which the eldest generations are destroyed by an awakened Caine, ready to punish his children for instance but not interested in the thinner blooded offspring and everyone knows it. Numerous individuals “raging against the dying of the light” and it was just enough to hold on.

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