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The use of accounting tools in the assessment of enterprise financing policy – debt and liquidity. Łukasz Prysiński and Wiktor Kołysko. View More View Less. Rachunkowość finansowa. Obszary problemowe – Wiktor Gabrusewicz, Janusz Samelak by: Wiktor Gabrusewicz (author) Janusz Samelak (author). Get this from a library! Zagadnienia rachunkowości finansowej: praca zbiorowa. Cz. 1. [Wiktor Gabrusewicz; Zdzisław Kołaczyk; Maria Kiedrowska; et al].

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The main goal of the book is to explore and present the interrelation between two antithetic fields – controlling and psychology. The specific goals of the book are: In connection with such goals the following research questions have been addressed: Do those tasks depend on specifics of a rqchunkowo Can a controller be a creative person?

What should be a range of this creativity? Do people that declare themselves as controllers really realize the tasks of controlling?


Do people who work in controlling particularly intensively, differ visibly from the whole group of controllers? Do people who work in controlling specially intensively differ from the viewpoint of time perspectives from gabrusewciz whole group of controllers?

The structure of book reflects the research questions and the goals of research. The first chapter is focused on the author’s classification of controlling definitions, analysis of the controller’s tasks and their determinants.

Zagadnienia rachunkowości finansowej : praca zbiorowa. Cz. 1 (Book, ) []

The second chapter presents the psychological phenomena that can influence controlling and explains racchunkowo different tasks and spheres of controlling depend on psychological factors. The third chapter explains how, due to author’s theoretical research, cultural characteristics and values should be taken into consideration while designing controlling systems and recommending controlling solutions.

The fourth chapter synthetizes the subject of controlling with subject of creativity, especially in terms of psychology of creativity.

The fifth chapter presents author’s own empirical research aimed to determine the psychological characteristic of controllers and compare this group with non-controllers. The sixth, last chapter, presents the analogical research, conducted on a group of potential future controllers, to determine the psychological characteristics of this group.


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