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If you do not have access to the errata, it can be found, for free, This includes Charms in publications that were never errata’d (like Scroll. Scroll of Errata is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition providing an extensive Fans regularly refer to this rules update as “Exalted ” in. Exalted(tm) is a game by the White Wolf gaming company, currently under development by Onyx Path. This is a community aimed at bringing.

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Time for me to print it out and kill some trees. Stunting perfect defenses is valid. There are charms that lack combo-ok or even combo-basic keyword, so while a Solar activates such a charm ex.

Scroll of Errata () out now!!! : exalted

There were plenty of Charms that got missed, simply because there are so many Charms. Characters may simultaneously activate as many of their Charms as they desire, as long as the combination of powers activated obeys the rules for creating Combos. Hearthstones are, indeed, considered equipment. Maybe there is another solution rather than just dropping the concept altogether? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Yes, the irony is not lost on me.

It makes you shoot at your land-lord. Oh, you wanted a signature maneuver that was used for special occasions? Nevertheless, I feel the progress and the corrections made more than outweigh the problems. I dunno – the wording doesn’t say anything about training time having been done away with. The errata has combed through the entire Sidereal Charmset, bringing them up to speed with the other Celestial Exalted and making them not only functional, but also, by all appearances, fun to play.


Would love to see a revised edition of Exalted using 2.

This brings me to my only real complaint about 2. Never needing to ever making Combos ever is amazing. Note that while the post references Foxit Reader, a pdf file with these notes will be read by any current pdf reader, including Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, PDF-Xchange Viewer, or likely any other application you use.

I would pay for that Also – have I read something wrong somewhere, or am I just forgetting the right name? They should have lowered the cost without eliminating it. As part of the 2. Want to add to the discussion? Scroll of Errata 2.

Stunting DVs adds 1 to the static rating for each ot dice. Stunts fail to provide dice or rewards as soon as the Storyteller judges them to be repetitive or uninteresting. And that shields are now high-Defense, comparatively low-damage weapons adamant shields are better weapons than other shields.

It’s funny, but an awful lot of the re-balancing involved killing everything from 1e Power Combat. Bonuses from equipment do not stack including bonuses from Magical Material. Exalted hatewheel – March 14th,3: I know you can still develop unique effects and whatnot for common combinations of Charms that you use together, but it just felt so much more…official…before.


Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

And it makes you miss him. I actually dislike the removal of combos. Exalted tm is a game by the White Wolf gaming company, currently under development by Onyx Path.

Notify me of new comments via email. Contact Plague of Hats. And some of the upgrades and errata to Sidereals leave splats like Abyssals and Lunars feeling… well, a little lackluster. Perfect defenses were employed against almost every attack, incentivizing a low-cost, high-accuracy build that dominated the mote-attrition battles that rapidly equated clever and dynamic attacks with hemorrhaging motes.

Not all of the balance changes were positive, but having playtested briefly I at least feel like the game is better even for non-Sidereals. So excited to read through this!


Stunt rewards are granted when the character’s DV erratx, regardless of whether the action succeeded or failed. You are commenting using your Facebook account. For those who neither have nor want to make an account to DriveThruRPG there is also a mediafire link, although it may be removed without warning:

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