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View and Download ClearOne XAP installation & operation manual online. Audio Conferencing System. XAP Conference System pdf manual. XAP – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: FAQs XAP Frequently Asked Questions ~ Software/Configuration ~ Firmware ~ Echo Cancellation ~ Installation ~ Audio Performance ~ Presets ~ Expansion Bus .

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You can now create another command line for the macro or save the completed macro. Any number of connections to outputs can be made in the matrix.

You can use push-to-talk or push-to-mute microphones with ClearOne’s audio conferencing products. PSR units must have firmware version 3. There are three conditions that can restrict preset changes. If the unit does not detect the typical 24 volts to 48 volts from the telco line, the hybrid unit will not stay on.

The Cross Point shortcut menu also allows you to copy and paste the current Cross Point configuration, including attenuation, to other cross points. Page of Go.

ClearOne XAP 400 User Manual

Change microphone routing so it is no longer routed to the AEC reference channel or use a virtual reference 40 remove the microphone from its AEC Ref.


Accessories Page – Appendix E: Signal On again to terminate the noise signal. Warranty ClearOne Communications, Inc. Signal processing shall be provided by four assignable processing blocks, each supporting 15 programmable filters, delay, and compression.

Page Glossary Reverberation A diffused acoustic energy field fed and maintained by sound reflections from the room surfaces.

ClearOne XAP User Manual | pages

When I open G-Ware, some of the items are not displayed correctly xqp are grayed out and the matrix doesn’t show any default cross points. Post Gain meter, just begins to enter the red clipping zone, then reduce the gain slightly until peaks no longer climb into the red zone. After the installation and computer reboot, G-Ware should work correctly.

Should I set one of my XAP units as a master and the others as a slave? The maximum safe distance is 80 feet 25 meters.

The unit shall feature a macro recorder to create up to macros for simple remote control management of the system. Filter setup shall be real-time.

Value 0—7 select device ID Example: A macro triggers a preset in one unit that triggers a macro and preset in another unit. You will also find upgrade instructions in the help file. XAP front-panel telco controls Depending on how you have configured your XAPan incoming call can ring on the telephone set connected to the XAPthe speaker output and the receive output, as well as pass a serial ring to a control device.


ClearOne XAP Professional Conferencing

The only exception is if a unit is configured to operate in Dry Line mode. When presets are created, you make your changes in the Preset Mode. It is calibrated in milliseconds.

Compliance If this equipment causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company will notify Rs Menu 26 for more information. When I increase the level of my microphones they don’t get louder; they just sound worse.

See pages for a list of commands which can be used in macros. The command line now appears in the command line table. Unplug expansion bus cleraone. All Input, Output, Processing, and Telco configuration windows can be accessed by clicking on their respective buttons.

Equipment Placement You can also purchase side panels for desktop placement.

When your product is properly registered, ClearOne Communications is better able to serve you should you require technical assistance. Page Value Page 6 Using the XAP Click the Comm tab.

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