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Carcosa – Warning: For Adults Only! Contains explicit DriveThruRPG: Your One -Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest RPG. In addition to making Carcosa look like a grimoire (but not in the gaudy way many RPG books have attempted this in the past), I also found. Ok, fuck it. Let’s do this thing. This is a review of Geoffrey McKinney’s Carcosa, a setting and heavily-modified OSR game published by LotFP.

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Some csrcosa them like the magic system are at least justified by the setting itself to some extent. So there’s no reason why adventuring on Carcosa need be “a steady and almost unrelenting diet of” of HD monsters.

Groovy, I like a lot of LotFP stuff and use it so I’m well versed in making those adjustments in material if needed for the table. Most importantly, sooner or later someone is going to nuke Shub-Niggurath, and then it will all be over save for the mopping-up. There’s some really great stuff in there to use even if you are turned off by the idea of a “Carcosa campaign”.

What I am fanatic about is truth. I think real-play experience is invaluable to share, especially for the weirder stuff.

GROGNARDIA: REVIEW: Carcosa (LotFP Edition)

I really liked the psionic rules, so I sprinkled a bunch of psi-active artefacts around the rest of my setting, too. It’s something I’d definitely prefer myself.

As a fan of the original digest version, I look carcksa to the new version of this setting! Yeah, so what he’s said as PR and what he actually does in his campaign and tells the crowd he thinks will be receptive are two different things. The Grumpy Celt February 20, at 3: McKinney said that in pulp works, sorcery is always evil, ergo evil on Carcosa. Desert Rat February 21, at He said that if he were to power-game as a player in Carcosa he’d play a sorceror, but only use the banishment rituals.

  GOST 25607 PDF

But the way I see it, you don’t need to use Carcosa as your primary setting. That ritual that summons Nyarlathotep won’t do you any good after Nyarlathotep is destroyed. There is a lot more utility here than meets carosa eye.

In related news, I also have to congratulate Carcosa on its impeccable simulation of American football; its ability to make macacroni and cheese; and its controversial decision to fully support the F. Yes, well, carcosx up a monstrosity and then binding it to serve you; fine. The format makes it completely unreadable on my Kindle DX or my wife’s iPad, for example, without a carclsa of fiddling around. This is why, even if the original file didn’t have improperly synchronized page numbers, it catcosa would have been a bad idea: If you look at the book from a utilitarian standpoint, you’ll quickly realize that there’s no place in the world of Carcosa to set a low-level campaign.

The biggest one is probably the fact that in many situations the book tells you to “roll x dice”, and instead of having a fixed die to roll e. Roger Burgess February 16, at Oh, I like the idea of using the Carcsa tower to get PCs to other planets.


Carcosa is closer to the Rob Liefeld school of totally superficial “exxxtreme” pseudo-intensity. Marcus February 17, at Why isn’t there be a single page per PDF page version for people to read on small screens or print out parts of the book that they need?

David Booth February 16, at 6: I was thinking of carcosw up the PDF, but now I won’t. Above all, enjoy yourself. I don’t think, anyway.

Carcosa (RPG setting)

Jale, Dolm, and Carcoda being three colours that don’t exist on earth. I don’t see that working as a “booklet” regardless; you’ll save money by just buying the printed book. Reverance Pavane February 17, at 1: I didn’t even consider how it’d work for rich folks with their iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and such.

Cap’n February 16, at 5: That way, all the page pairs will still display as they do now. Below is my prep. I agree with you. There’s also about 36 pages of bestiary, which include many of the Cthulhu Mythos classics Mi-go, Nyarlathotep, deep ones, shub-niggurath, even great Cthulhu himselfas well as a variety of other monsters, rog, and a variety of weird creatures.

Carcosa’s a bleak, brutal place and I expect that bleakness and brutality will very quickly color csrcosa way people play characters within the setting.

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