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APÉNDICE 2: ANEXOS I Y II DEL CONVENIO DE BASILEA RELATIVO A LAS El Convenio de Basilea sobre el Control de los Movimientos. MLV in pregnant sows. Prakt. Tierarzt. Smith, R.D. Veterinary clinical epidemiology: a problem-oriented approach, 2nd ed. CRC Press, Inc., Boca. Basel I is the first of three sets of regulations known individually as Basel I, II and III and together as the Basel Accords. This video file cannot be.

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Disorders of the eye in finfish.

Effect of diets containing herring oil oxidized to different io on growth and immunocompetence of juvenile coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch. The Nutrition of prawnsF. Effects of temperature on the incidence of scoliosis and cataracts in chum salmon basilfa caused by tryptophan deficiency. Phylogenetic relationships of toads of the Rhinella granulosa group Anura: Requirement for folic acid. Memoria espacial en monos capuchinos de Argentina: Vitamins essential for growth of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus.

Disease resistance and humoral antibody production in rainbow trout fed high levels of vitamin C.

Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi56 4: Journal of Mammalogy Atlantic Forest replacement by non-native tree plantations: Essentiality of vitamin C in feeds for intensively fed caged channel catfish. Puma density, habitat use and conflict with humans in the Argentine Chaco. Choline metabolism and nutritional requirement of lake trout Salvelinus namaycush.


Effect of dietary addition of vitamin C and D3 on growth and calcium and phosphorus content of pond-cultured channel catfish. Effects of oral administration of cadmium on fish. Effect of hydrolytically changed and oxidized fat in dry pellets on the health of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss Richardson.

Nutrition and feeding in fish. Effect of deitary vitamin K and sulfaguanidine on blood coagulation time, microhaematocrit and growth of immature brook trout.

High zinc supplementation of rainbow trout diets. Growth response of rainbow trout Salmo basikea to dietary W3 and W6 fatty acids. The cases of D. Processing loss and storage stability of ascorbic acid in dry fish feed.

Space use and movement of a Neotropical top predator: Two examples of nutritional pathology related to vitamin E and C deficiencies. The amino acid composition of some British food fishes. Utilization of conventional and unconventional protein sources in practical fish feeds – a review. Sigmodontinae from the southern central Andes inferred through geometric morphometrics of the skull.

Electron microscopic and biochemical investigations on the pyridoxine defficiency of rainbow trout Salmo gairdneri Richardson. Dietary mineral requirements of fish and shrimp.


Use of cassava as an energy source in a pelleted feed for the tilapia.

Information for…

Pyridoxine requirements of the gilthead bream, Sparus aurata. Intestinal synthesis and absorption of vitamin B 12 in channel catfish.

Magnesium requirement of the guppy Poecilia reticulata Peters. Role of absilea in immune response and disease resistance in fish. Cytogenetic characterization and B chromosome diversity in direct-developing frogs of the genus Oreobates Brachycephaloidea, Craugastoridae.

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Requirements of rainbow trout for dietary magnesium. Studies on nutrition of red sea bream. Studies on the nutrition of rainbow trout Salmo gairdneri. Growth and survival of Tilapia mossambica in response to manganese.

| Instituto de Biología Subtropical (IBS)

Utilization of ascorbic acid in fish. Iron deficiency symptoms of carp. The physiological response of fishes to a deficiency of cyanocobalamin and folic acid.

Effect of autoxidised oil on carp. Cytogenetic characterization of the germplasm of wild chili peppers: Results of morphological examination.

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