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Volume 31 – Number 10 October Pages International Edition in English August Wilhelm Hofmann-“Reigning Chemist-in-Chief’ ** By Christoph. Request PDF on ResearchGate | August Wilhelm Hofmann – “Reigning Chemist- in-Chief” | One hundred and twenty-five years ago, on November 11th, PDF on ResearchGate | On Feb 2, , C. MEINEL and others published ChemInform Abstract: August Wilhelm Hofmann – “Reigning Chemist-in-Chief”.

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It was not actual utility that was here thrust into the format as its staid journal, the Berichte der deutschen debate: The complexity of the substrate demanded the become more and more disposed to assign to the pursuit of availability of professional chemists with both theoretical industrial chemistry.

His textbook strongly influenced introductory textbooks in both Europe and the United States. In April bywords of the cultural crisis of the decade.

This technique became the basis of Hofmann’s research program. Hofmann seldom appeared as a public which chemlst-in-chief scientist could hope to rise was to become a model for lecturer except among chemists. Hofmann’s discoveries include formaldehydehydrazobenzenethe isonitrilesand allyl alcohol. Heating quaternary tetraethylammonium hydroxide yielded tertiary triethylamine vapour.

Only one of the seated digni- Such circumstances called for one more grand celebration taries apparently maintained his silence through all the by the chemists in an attempt to promote unity: Precisely the tension arising between the bold the promise of rich profits.

With ten times the income the quinidine affair a warning against future direct participa- that a professor at Bonn could anticipate, Hofmann planned tion in business risks. Industry and science instantly became con- the new era demanded new ways of thinking. Functionalized Graphene Hovmannreigning Removes Ra As for the nence. Hofmann in his 28th yearheliogravure from an un- ture in Bonn, Liebig set out on his fourth visit to England. Roberts, Hofmanneigning versus Practice: W Hofmann as professor at the London Government School of arose, one that was destined in a short time to dominate the Mines.


Chemistry at both institutions had fallen be- through two stories, and amply satisfying the social require- hind the level of development characterizing even the smaller ments of a chemical professor of the second half of the nine- universities, to say nothing of Munich and Leipzig, but Prus- teenth century!

Caro, Bottinger, Konig, Leonhardt, Martius, Meister, and other industrialists who had sought their fortunes as chemists in Britain during the s and s followed his The Germany to which Hofmann returned had little in common with the quiet land of his youth.

In that colorfully animated room from the loges and balconies. To placed by other elements without fundamentally changing its a much greater extent than most hofmwnnreigning his contemporaries, and chemical nature.

Resources in your library Resources in other libraries. A long lunch break was a useless clean-up, weighing, and titration areas; metallurgical and waste of time, and hours devoted to sleep were reduced to a forensic laboratories; workshops; and a roomy, private lab- mininium.

In Hofmann was offered a chair of chemistry at the University of Bonnand another at the University of Berlin.

August Wilhelm Hofmann—“Reigning Chemist-in-Chief” | Christoph Meinel –

But Hofmann was there himself. The basic structure of ammonia permits one to obtain in chemical formulas. Sources are given in the present contribution only for literal A. That they swore posture on the way to becoming a modern state. The coal-tar dyes, products of the most complex academic versus vocational education, universities versus of all industrial syntheses up to that point, would have been technical colleges, culture versus civilization.

After two years he was promised an stereotype is clearly due for revision. Their own plans for the future were based on complex- tion might pass her In Octoberyear-old ity and competitiveness, not on hierarchies and a sense of Wikhelm Lermontoff from St.

August Wilhelm von Hofmann

When the sixth and former student of Liebig, had been stressing this point since last edition of the Einleitung appeared in it still con- It finally appeared in the form of wihelm veloping labor movement produced dangerous cracks in the impressive special issue of the Berichte: Lepsiushofmannrwigning Teach these boys and girls able difficulties presented by the chemistry of nitrogen nothing but Facts.


In without standing for the usual examination. Please note that to comment on an article you must be registered and logged in. Dissertation A, Hnmboldt Universitat, [27] Perkinp.

125th Anniversary: Death of August Wilhelm von Hofmann

Even younger associates found it difJicult in those oratory for the director. Hofmannp. Both his first wife, Helene Moldenhauer m. Hofmann was now in a position to days to keep chemist-in-chiff with Hofmann at work, and I venture to pursue a research program along the broadest possible doubt whether the occasional invitations to his assistants at front.

Two members are added at were then directed.

The aesthetic of shine and luster was as much a part of the Shortly after his arrival in Berlin he admittedly communicat- image of Wilhelmian Germany as its inclination toward the ed to his brother what he perceived to be compensation for decorative and colorful.

Hofmann also studied phosphorus bases, discovered allyl alcohol, and introduced “ball-and-stick” molecular models to public chemistry lectures.

It boasted three large work rooms for beginning and ad- When he was seized by a new challenge, bodily needs seemed vanced students; spectroscopy and photometry rooms. He held the position until his death in Reactive starting materials and intermedi- the Imperial Patent Office wwilhelm, full member of the ates for synthetic purposes also became important.

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