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I just purchased a copy of this page booklet off of Ebay. It’s called ” Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects.” This book is hard to get ahold of. M.I.M.C. (LONDON) v/ The State Library of Victoria “ALMA CONJURING COLLECTION” An nemann’s Mental Bargain Effects ANNEMANN’S DIABOLO PELLET. Author: Annemann, Theodore. – Pages: 16 p.: ill. ; 23 cm. – Publication: [New York: Annemann, ?] – Description: Cover title. Alma bequest. Magic tricks.

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These are written down in front of the parly. The card is left with the party with the request to draw a line, add the figures up and remember I lie total.

Mental Bargain Effects (Theodore Annemann)

As this is done, the right band approaches the slack a little, the. The answering of questions has become passe, and after the first two or three it becomes quite borcsomc. Keepin’ the Funk Alive. Everything being unprepared, there is a free examination. Again these pieces are placed on top of pieces in right and still nearest the spectator. The performer squares cards perfectly with right linger at front end and thumb at rear asking spectator to throw a handkerchief over his hands.

Holding the deck in right hand performer has the lights turned out. The card is palled oat and the illusion is perfect. When the spectator acknowledges this latter point, the per- former picks up the paper and pencil and explains that because of the fact that the spectator has changed his thoughts several times, he had better write the name of the thought of card on the paper and then fold same and put in his own pocket. This time the mes- sage card is found near the center of packet and is given to the writer.

Now use the back part of he card and thoroughly dry between two blot- ters first, then place between the leaves of a heavy book. As this is done, right hand brings up package towards forehead and the message is read on the way past.


Now paste this card over the cut out of the card case and again allow to dry. With spectator in front of you, you arc ready. Tl playing cards and to change around as often as he wishes until sat- isfied. Is it still in print for that low of a price??? Pick them ofl’ hand and lay on your open left hand and writing is now on the bottom card against your hand with numbered end nearest voar body. On the face of same in the upper index corner has hen glued down an inch square of shiny tin foil.

The entire working of the feat lies in a small packet of blank business size cards. The real subtlety is a variation mebtal an old coin move in a hand- kerchief which I shall try to put clearly on paper. Performer holds the packet in left hand, and has the written card returned face down on top anne,ann the spectator then cuts it to about center. The moves sound harder than they really are, but the menhal is worth all of the practice that is given it and il is practically impromptu.

Performer, remembering the three figures of last party, merely subtracts 1 from the last figure and places it before the first, making a four figure total which is the correct answer. The performer declares that through some unknown power lie baragin able to read and visualize writings in the dark. While he does this you have stepped away and secured thumb tip on right thumb, dummy pellet inside and UNDER the ball of the thumb. Practice this move as it is very simple and natural in making.

Effexts spec- tator shuttles the second deck performer steps hack, has him think of a card and then look for it as described above. Ask party to hold out his hand, and very deliberately deal them onto his hand singly and remark that only two are used and not three as some think.

I must put some of my stuff on e-bay, it baggain ceases to amaze me what people pay for stuff that is generally available. Fold other pellet the same way and then unfold for the siller. With these in place and the deck in card case at hand, you are ready.


The mrntal asks him to think first of the color, then the suit, and lastly the. Picking up folded slip from table with free hand it is apparently passed to the other and given to some one to read, hut nothing is passed and the spectator reads the menta, which always names the card the spectator drew.

His pellet is now crumpled up in sheet and in your pocket and as you effect his question while apparently writing the first time on pad, this time you can write the correct answer and give him pad to examine if he wishes as all evidence is now out of the way.

Now taking the deck 2 from last parly with left hand it is dropped into left hip pocket and performer calls for lights dropping ordinary deck onto table as lights come oil.

At once the lights arc turned on, the writer acknowledges the correctness of the information and it is verified. Performer steps hack and asks spectator to now think of the value. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The method is simple and makes use of two gimics or fekes as the ease may be.

Annemann’s Mental Bargain Effects

The Dover publication which can be obtained from any good book store try http: You now face audience with stack in left hand.

The spectator is told to stand at a distance, write the name of his thought of card bargaun a small slip of paper and pocket same. Now take any card case.

The paper is refolded and handed back to performer who immediately tears il into small annsmann then dropped into an ash tray and lighted with a match.

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