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View and Download Akai S service manual online. Midi stereo digital sampler. S Music Equipment pdf manual download. Akai S Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai S Service Manual. Full text of “Akai: S SERVICE MANUAL”. See other formats. OOL US MIDI STEREO DIGITAL SAMPLER SPECIFICATIONS MODEL Display Backlit

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Das Display ist auch noch gut abzulesen.

The reverb sounds too good: European or UK cable. This is my favorite sampler because it has very good, bright, clear sound and very nice 18db filter. But i have few instruction how to save it on floppy. It has good fx board based on motorola akaj chip.

Thanks to Adam at Panic for his help. The combination gave me 20 outputs total I used to have a professional studio but I am no longer in the music industry, these units have not been used for 3 years but tested and working fine.

So i cant confirm this issue. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

This forward delay is in addition to the default S pre-delay of ms and allows the hard disk plenty of time a1100 jump into action before the recording begins. However, once I reset the unit the revebs akwi fine. While this method of recording may not be to everyone’s taste, we found it a pretty painless transition.

I use an old Sony ECMF electret condenser microphone that can be powered by a mixer or a battery but sounds particularly good when running on new batteries and plugged directly into the S’s XLR input — no hum and no noise.


Akai S1100 Service Manual

Is this know to you and do you have a cure for it? If the S is a major part of your setup, it could be pretty inconvenient having the sampler RAM full of vocals. But in my opinion this is rather bug than adefect.

The leakage-current should be less than 0. Use specified insulating materials for hazardous live parts. The wonderfully named Real-time Stereo Digital Output is more than it appears to be.

The auction also includes a SCSI centronics cable for connecting it to the S and a scanned copy of the unobtainable on the net manual which I feel is essential to really use the machine at its full potential.

Unfortunately midi implementation is very limited, there is no resonance and it has only 16 voices of polyphony. In this situation samples need some headroom.

Akai Sampler Blog: Akai S hard disk recording

You can pick up extra memory cards on here if you need them. Hello Martin, Im absolutely sad. Try to plug it off power supply cable and check sampler one more time check internal wavs, sine pulse, etc Maybe its just floppy drive fault?

Make your adjustments and return to the TAKE page. Check that replaced wires do not contact sharp edged or pointed parts. Just curious if you have ever noticed this. The MIDI note, or the track it is on, should be locked or isolated so that any successive playbacks always remain in sync. The S was launched in as a replacement for the highly respected but ageing bit, voice S If possible, don’t put the mic through a mixer first, as the mixer noise level, even if low, will also add more noise to the S preamps.


Screen is a timy bit dull but has been fine for me when working with it. The main unit has 2x 8meg boards in and the ex unit has 2x 2meg boards in.

Akai S1000 / S1100

Germany [ J ]: Next unzip akai os exe file, move to boot disk. They are currently in the main S as I used it for large manjal of vocals and used the SEX mainly for drum sounds. Does anyone have any experience using a gotek floppy emulator in an S?

Additionally S mahual faster and it has louder outputs due to 20bit converters while samples are still 16bit. Can i modify a S floppy to work with it?! An often-overlooked part of this duality is the ability to mix down the contents of the RAM — samples, keygroups, and so on — onto the hard disk.

Save it to blank floppy by executing downloaded file.

I know that s reverb is much better: You can though have the 8Mbs in either or one in each. Best, Nikolas November 10, Reply.

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